Swetswise Searcher

Yesterday a few members of the project team attended a fairly brief demo (as part of a much longer meeting!) by Swets, our subscription agents, to showcase their new federated searching product Swetswise Searcher.

This product has developed from a partnership between Swets and Deep Web Technologies (a US-based provider of custom, federated search solutions such as Explorit) and we were keen to see how it compared to other products seen so far. A small snag here is – as it’s so new there are no examples of successful implementations in the UK.

A demonstration of the Swets test site appeared to tick many of the boxes on our evaluation sheets, and search results were quickly delivered.  We do, however,  now need more information on how easily the system would integrate with our existing systems and on how many connectors to major databases are already available or being developed.

To give the presenter credit, she had only seen the product herself for the first time earlier in the week, but she did take all our questions on board and I expect to have more details soon!

It would be great to hear from anyone with any experiences of using DWT.


I’ve now had a follow-up demo of Swetswise Searcher ,via a webinar, from Abe Lederman -founder of Deep Web Technologies and Author of Federated Search Blog and Marieke Heins, from Swets in the Netherlands – who is the product manager for SwetsWise Searcher.  Abe and Marieke were able to explain the benefits of the system in more detail, including the speed in which first results appear (due to incremental searching the results from the quicker databases are displayed while the results from slower databases are still being retrieved) and the high number of results retrieved which combines with a 5-star rating system for relevance ranking.  The system has also been proved to work with SFX and EZProxy, but as I was the only group member available for the webinar I’ll be sharing my findings, and the demo sites we’ve been sent, with the project group in the near future.